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Large bath bomb

Large bath bomb

These gorgeous fizzy bath bombs will leave you with the most luxurious bath time experience

Our bath bombs are handmade but not by us they are made by a lovely team of ladies this is what they have to say about the products :)

Our bath bombs are only made using water colours, we do not use any pigments in our bath bombs so that there is not a risk of staining and they are much more gentle on the skin. Each bath bomb is individually wrapped Our bathbombs are approximately 140g in weight and have a diameter of 60mm, the weight will vary depending on their ingredients for example some bathbombs include flowers, petals and other ingredients and all of our bathbombs are handpressed.

Even though these products are only made with needed ingredients if you know that you are particularly prone to reactions or breakouts from cosmetic products please consider this as we will take no responsibility for any adverse skin reactions

All Products safety tested and have product liability insurance

Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly

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