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Lemon marshmallow whipped soap 60g

Lemon marshmallow whipped soap 60g

Lemon marshmallow: A sweet lemon and sugar icing fragrance with supporting notes of orange, coconut, sweet sugar and powdery vanilla. 🍋

How to use

1: as a body wash! Lather over your skin and simple rinse off

2: a moisturising shaving foam simply lather on skin begin to shave and feel the silky smooth benefits

3: a foaming bath: hold a small amount on your hand under a running tap to make divine smelling bubbles 0


- Vegan and cruelty-free: Our whipped soap is made from plant-based ingredients and is never tested on animals.

- Cosmetically Assessed and Safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin (if irritation occurs, please discontinue use). Suitable for use above 3 years of age.

- Luxurious lather: The fluffy yet rich texture creates thick, abundant foam that cleanses your body effectively and rinses off easily.

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