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Luxury vegan shower gels (250ml)

Luxury vegan shower gels (250ml)

These luxury shower and bath gels helped create the most amazing self-care experience everything is handmade but these specific products in our cosmetic range I’m not made by us but instead by a lovely group of ladies who work super hard to make sure that these are gentle on your skin smell incredible and are vegan safe and cruelty free And will never be tested on animals

Obviously with all cosmetics if you know that you have particular sensitive skin we would recommend a purity collection which is fragrance free but even that could cause potential allergic reactions or skin irritation same with any shower gel by any brand so we do recommend testing our on a small area of skin before applying to the full body and if any skin irritation does occur dispose of the product

All of these are product liability insured have all necessary cosmetic assessments and meet all UK cosmetic rules and guidelines

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